It is our mission to leave a mark on society without leaving a trace.

 Our agricultural industry is unsustainable. At record scale, forests are being cleared to create farmland, ruminants are producing methane and transportation of food from farms to cities is emitting huge amounts of carbon dioxide. Many of us, particularly those in cities, are experiencing the negative effects of urbanization on big agriculture—not to mention, the degradation of quality in transported and stored food.

 That’s where Apogee comes in. By providing locally-grown produce, we are providing Washingtonians with greens that have: greater retention of vitamins and minerals, higher concentration of nutrient diversity, zero chemical pesticides and more antioxidants.

 In addition to growing sustainable, nutritious greens, we’re also passionate about supporting the local community. Apogee farms hosts planting & harvest festivals, farmer’s markets, and education series for community members. 

 Support local farmers and DC communities by supporting Apogee Farms